Hope For the Anxious Heart (Matthew 6:25-34)

Key Idea: Hope for the anxious heart comes when we identify it, expose it, and fight it with our faith in Christ. Truth #1: Identify It – (v. 25) Defining anxiety: “To draw in different directions or distract. To be anxious, then, means to have a distracting care—to have our minds and hearts torn between […]

Episode 70: Overcoming Anxiety

“The next time you start to feel anxious, you start to feel your heart racing, stop and pray with thanksgiving. Ask God for his peace and imagine that He’s guarding your heart and mind for what makes you anxious as you trust Him who is far greater than whatever problem you’re facing.” Family Worship Family […]

Episode 64: Hear our Feathered Teachers

“If you would take a moment. Think about what you believe about God. Do you know Him, and do you know what He provides for you? Think beyond food and clothing and material things. Consider how He has taken care of the most important things. He has secured our salvation, and eternal life and joy […]

Episode 40: Praying Relentlessly

“Lighthouse, what is your strategy for the coronavirus and all the troubles that come with it? Is it merely ducking your head, doing better, and trying harder? Is it a waiting game that rests on your resilience to survive? Or is it a humble pleading with God? Is it letting your concerns lead you to […]