Church Plants

Ministry Overview

As a church plant itself, Lighthouse is excited about seeing the expansion of the Gospel through the local church. We have committed ourselves to sending out faithful men and women to plant churches throughout the world.

Zoe Community Church

Allen, Texas

Zoe Community Church is Lighthouse’s first church plant, launched in 2016 to do Gospel ministry in the North Dallas area.

Here’s how they describe their ministry:

“The Dallas Metroplex, and North DFW in particular, is growing fast. Various companies and other factors will bring many newcomers to the area in the coming years, and naturally there will be many who come to Dallas and do not know Jesus. We saw an opportunity to be here, to welcome transplants and to show them the love and hospitality of Christ and share the message of the gospel. We also saw an opportunity to provide a home for those who might be looking for a new church family.

We hope to be a church that shares the message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ with our friends and neighbors. We also want to explore from the Bible how this gospel message has the power to change how we live. We believe that church should be a community that is committed to following Jesus, and committed to one another.”

Logos Community Church

Nagoya, Japan

Logos Community Church is Lighthouse's second church plant, launched in 2021 to do Gospel ministry in in Nagoya, Japan. Logos is led by previous pastoral interns, Hide Kawai and Toshi Saito, and was born out of a desire to see the Gospel transform the nation of Japan.