Receive Counseling

Thank you for seeking counseling! In James 4:6, God promises to pour out his grace on those who are humble, and by reaching out for help, you are setting yourself up to receive the grace you will need to grow in Christlikeness.

How do I get started?

Each person who is seeking counseling must first fill out a Personal Data Inventory (PDI) form. This will help us better understand your situation and find the counselor who is best suited to minister to you. Once we receive and review your PDI, we will contact you to discuss scheduling.

For marriage counseling, each spouse must submit their own separate PDI.

What should I expect in counseling?

  • Regular 1-1.5 hour meetings with one of Lighthouse’s biblical counselors
  • Heartwork assignments to help you apply and live out God’s Word
  • Use of Biblicare Online for communication regarding counseling

How much does counseling cost?

Lighthouse offers counseling at no cost to its members. All books and materials involved in the process are provided free of charge.

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