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Ministry Overview

Lighthouse’s Children’s Ministry desires to support parents in their evangelism and discipleship of their kids (cf. Eph 6:4; Deut 6:4-9). Our goal is to plant seeds of faith in the hearts of our kids by continually pointing our kids to Jesus through teaching, reading, singing, and discussing God’s Word.

Sunday August 29th is the last Sunday that we will be providing our online Lighthouse Kids videos on YouTube. We want to praise God for His faithfulness to us these last 18 months in allowing us to minister to families at Lighthouse and outside of Lighthouse in this way!

Starting September 5th, we will have a livestream zoom link available during the 9am service for those who choose to have their children participate from home. Streaming will begin at 9:15am, and five minutes before streaming begins, we will allow participants to join online and congregate in the waiting rooms.

The livestream will include the singing and Bible lesson portions of the class. 

We ask for your patience and understanding during this transition period as we see how to continue to best serve those in our in person ministries and those who are online. Thanks for your love and support!

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