Episode 26: Loving Your Family Well

“But the last grace of loving our family well is by putting into practice the forgiveness we’ve received from Christ by asking for forgiveness when we’ve sinned and forgiving others when they’ve sinned against you. We’re not going to be sinless and there may have already been some major blowups, but with Christ, there is […]

Episode 22: Hope for the Future

“So when the stay-at-home order begins to lift and you get to fill your calendar with events and get togethers. Be excited and savor those events, don’t take them for granted, but don’t stop there. Let your earthly joy propel your heart to the eternal joy that waits for us in heaven. The reason why […]

Episode 7: Who is God? God is Love

“Brothers and sisters, you may lose every earthly thing, but you’ll never lose God because He’ll never let you go no matter what you go through.” Family Worship Family Worship Devotional Download Suggested Worship Songs • Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery • He Will Hold Me Fast Icebreaker – “Guess What I Love” • Items […]

God’s Unstoppable Church (2 Kings 6:8-23)

Key Idea: Our privileged mission as Christians is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ with others locally and globally. Remember God’s Presence Remember God’s Grace Toshi Saito – sharing about Nagoya church plant Pastor Eufemio – sharing about local evangelism ministries

Unashamed (John 7:53-8:11 & Luke 7:36-50)

Key Idea: We as God’s children can live unashamed because Christ took our sin and shame. Category #1: Shame because we are sinners. Category #2: Shame because we are sufferers. Category #3: We’re unashamed because we are saints.