Episode 7: Who is God? God is Love

“Brothers and sisters, you may lose every earthly thing, but you’ll never lose God because He’ll never let you go no matter what you go through.”

Family Worship

Family Worship Devotional Download

Suggested Worship Songs
• Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery
• He Will Hold Me Fast

Icebreaker – “Guess What I Love”
• Items Needed: One piece of scratch paper and pencil/pen for each person.
• Instructions: One person will secretly write down three things he/she loves. The other family members will write down on their own papers what they think the one person wrote down. Have the one person share what he/she wrote down and see who got the most guesses correct. Go around until everyone has had a chance to be the one person.

• Passage: Psalm 42
• Key Idea: We don’t need to worry or be in despair because God loves us and gives us hope.
• Encouragements/Applications:
o Before reading Psalm 42, give a brief explanation of the context of the psalm.
o Highlight verses 7 and 8. Help your child to see the contrast between the two verses. Remind your child that no matter how difficult life becomes, God will never leave them because of God’s love. We must let our view of God change our view of suffering and not let our view of suffering change our view of God.
o Look at verses 5 and 11. Talk about the hope we have because of Jesus Christ.

Discussion Questions
• Is there anything you worry about?
• Why do humans worry? What is the cure to worry?
• How has God shown His love to you in personal ways?

Time of Prayer
• Think about different groups of people at Lighthouse who may be worrying, then pray for them.
o For example:
 Those negatively impacted financially: Small business owners, airlines workers, travel industry, restaurant owners.
 Medical professionals
 Single parents
 Higher Risk: Those who have a low immune system or seniors