Episode 26: Loving Your Family Well

“But the last grace of loving our family well is by putting into practice the forgiveness we’ve received from Christ by asking for forgiveness when we’ve sinned and forgiving others when they’ve sinned against you. We’re not going to be sinless and there may have already been some major blowups, but with Christ, there is hope because of the forgiveness we’ve received as God’s children. And these moments of asking for forgiveness may be the lasting memory your family has of this COVID-19 season and if it is, then this season will have been used well. For you and your family will have a greater appreciation and will have had a deeper experience of Christ’s forgiveness!”

Family Worship

Family Worship Devotional Download

Worship Songs
• Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me
• The Fruit (Galatians 5:16 & 22) – Seeds Family Worship
• The Mouth (Matthew 12:34) – Seeds Family Worship

Question – Give Thanks!
• Ask the Question: What are four or five things that you miss most since we’ve had to stay-at-home because of COVID-19? Make a list of all the things that you family says. Now move to reading the Bible passage. After everyone shares, share how God gives us so many gifts, but sometimes we don’t see them as gifts.

• Passage: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
• Key Idea: Give thanks to God in all circumstances.
• Encouragements/Applications
o Take a look at our list of things we miss.
o Transition to talking about how sometimes we take for granted the gifts God gives to us. Unfortunately, we sometimes overlook these gifts, but since they’ve been taken away, it reminds us how they were gifts.
o Turn the conversation to thanking God for all these gifts and even thanking God for using COVID-19 to open your eyes to all these gifts God has given to us.
o Now end by challenging your family to have a thanksgiving “wall.” Say for the next three days, you can use post its or little pieces of paper to write things you’re thankful to God for.

Discussion Question
• Why should thankfulness be a major characteristic of a Christian?

Time of Prayer
• Pray that you’ll see all of God’s gifts leading you to be thankful to Him.
• Pray for others that you’re thankful to God for.