Wisdom and Words (Selected Proverbs)

Key Idea: Wisdom with our words should be reflected not only in what we talk about, but how we communicate Christ in all things

Three areas to consider for how to wisely handle our words:
1. Be Mindful of Your Content (Prov 10:11, 26:20, 16:28, 10:21)
        a. Refuse to Gossip
        b. Refashion with Grace
2. Be Sensitive to Your Context (Prov 15:23, 25:11-12, 17:28, 27:6, 27:14, 26:4-5)
        a. Right “Who?”
        b. Right “When?” and “Where?”
3. Be Consistent in Your Conduct (Prov 15:28, 16:21-24, 15:1, 15:4)