Wisdom and Work (Selected Proverbs)

Key Idea: Wisdom demands us to consider the purpose and proper attitude towards work so we may skillfully Glorify God and love others through it. Four fundamental aspects of work to skillfully navigate in our lives: 1.    Worship: God’s Purpose for Work (Prov 8:22-31) 2.    Practical: Survival, Enjoyment, Generosity (Prov 10:4-5, 12:11, 11:24-25, 13:22) 3.    […]

Wisdom and Words (Selected Proverbs)

Key Idea: Wisdom with our words should be reflected not only in what we talk about, but how we communicate Christ in all things Three areas to consider for how to wisely handle our words: 1. Be Mindful of Your Content (Prov 10:11, 26:20, 16:28, 10:21)         a. Refuse to Gossip         b. Refashion with Grace 2. […]

Wisdom and Integrity (Selected Proverbs)

Key Idea: Living with integrity means every aspect of your life is subject to the wisdom of the LORD and keeping in step with the Fear of the LORD.   Three aspects of Godly integrity you must watch and build into your life: Your Legacy (Prov 10:9, 22:1) Your Commitments (20:25, 25:14) Your Diligence Planning […]

Wisdom and Friendship (Selected Proverbs)

Four building blocks for good and godly friendships Centered on Jesus, Not Just Common Interests (Prov 13:20) Counseling, Not Coddling (Prov 27:9) Correction, Not Criticism (Prov 27:6) Commitment, Not Convenience (Prov 17:17, 18:24)

Joy and Design, Part 2: What role do you play (Proverbs 31:10-31; Titus 2:3-5)

Theme: God has designed and given us biblical roles as men and women for human joy and flourishing – and for thriving marriages.   Key Idea: Biblical womanhood is when a woman lives out her God-designed responsibility to have confidence in Christ, live with wisdom and discernment, help her husband, and prioritize the home with […]