Seek Wisdom! (Proverbs 2)

Seek wisdom and you will be wise, protected, and blessed. If you search for wisdom… (2:1-4) Application Questions

Listen to Wisdom (Proverbs 1)

Main point: Listen to Wisdom. I. Listen to the Proverbs (1:1-7)II. Listen to Wisdom, Not ‘Friends’ (1:8-19)III. Listen to Wisdom’s Warning (1:20-33)

The Rewards of Wisdom’s Way (Proverbs 3:1-8)

Key idea: The way of wisdom is full of the greatest rewards. Obeying Parents Leads to Long Life Faithfulness Leads to Favor Trusting God Leads to Straight Paths Humility Leads to Healing

Terms of Service: Principles for a Wise Digital Life

Six principles to guide our living in the digital age God wants me to love him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength (Matthew 22:37-38) God wants me to love others (Matthew 22:39) God wants me to be ruthless with my sin (Matthew 5:27-30) God wants me to fill my mind with truth (Colossians […]

Ancient Wisdom For a Digital Age

Living Wisely (Part 4): Ancient Wisdom for a Digital Age Selected Scripture   Two reasons why we need ancient wisdom in the digital age We need wisdom because Jesus is Lord over the digital age We struggle with: Mindlessness “Mine-fulness” We need wisdom because living in the digital age reveals and shapes who you are […]