The Lord’s Prayer: Session 8 (Spring 2023)

Session 8 – Small Group Study Guide The Lord’s Prayer: Chapter 4 Study Questions Why does Jesus teach us to pray “forgive us our debts” not just once, but regularly? What are some reasons that cause you to neglect this aspect of confession and asking for forgiveness in your own prayer life? Or what are […]

The Lord’s Prayer: Session 7 (Spring 2023)

Session 7 – Small Group Study Guide Study Questions Take time to read Matthew 6:5-13. The prayer for God to give us our daily needs in verse 11 is not a prayer in isolation. It is connected to the rest of the Lord’s prayer. Why is it important that we connect “give us this day […]

The Lord’s Prayer: Session 6 (Spring 2023)

Session 6 – Small Group Study Guide Reflection Questions As you think back before this study, how would you describe the contents of your prayer life? How has this study since corrected and shaped your understanding of prayer since then? Think about the one area of your life that you’ve committed to praying over for […]

The Lord’s Prayer: Session 5 (Spring 2023)

Session 5 – Small Group Study Guide Study Questions How would you summarize what the “will of God” is? Can you define the difference between decree, desire, and direction? How does this affect what you pray for? Based upon your study of this chapter, how would you summarize what the kingdom of God is? How […]

The Lord’s Prayer: Session 4 (Spring 2023)

Session 4 – Small Group Study Guide Study Questions Meditate carefully on 1 Peter 2:24-25. These verses are a presentation of the gospel. As pastor David said, “we can get overly familiar with it and begin to tune it out.” So as you meditate on it, consider these questions: What fresh gospel treasures make you […]

The Lord’s Prayer: Session 3 (Spring 2023)

Session 3 – Small Group Study Guide Study Questions Study Questions DeYoung parallels learning how to pray from Jesus with these questions at the beginning of the chapter on p. 25: “What if you had the opportunity to ask the greatest basketball coach of all time to teach you how to shoot a basketball” or […]

The Lord’s Prayer: Session 2 (Spring 2023)

Session 2 – Small Group Study Guide Study Questions How do you personally tend to think about work? What are your priorities, your attitude, and the thoughts usually on your mind when it comes to this topic? How does your Christian faith factor into how you think about it? What does it mean that we […]

The Lord’s Prayer: Session 1 (Spring 2023)

Session 1 – Small Group Study Guide Study Questions The chapter begins by sharing a common sentiment many of us have encountered when it comes to prayer: Prayer can be discouraging. But that’s okay. We are studying prayer this season so we can be honest and grow together. How has the pursuit of prayer been […]