Help Me, Lord! (Mark 9:14-29)

Key Idea: God has all power and all compassion to help you in your suffering. Do you believe Him? I. Help, I’m Suffering! (Mark 9:14-22) II. Help My Unbelief! (Mark 9:23-27) III. Help Me, Lord! (Mark 9:28-29)

Hope for our Prayers (John 17:1-11)

Key Idea: We need to pray because we are children. We can pray because God is our Father. 1. We need to pray because we are children Mark 10:15; Matthew 18:3; Luke 10:21 A. We are like children because we are needy B. We are like children because we have a loving Father 2. We can […]

Glory in the Gospel – Part 2: Faithfulness (John 17:2-5)

The greater my faith in the faithfulness of Christ, the more faithful I will live. Key idea: Christ’s glory is revealed in his faithfulness through the Gospel. Practical Application: We must have great faith in Christ, for our good and his glory. I. Our faith “to know” – It is to have fellowship with Jesus, built on […]

Glory in the Gospel (John 17:1)

Glory – The manifestation of God’s holy goodness and greatness. Kevin DeYoung: “The glory of God refers to his splendor, his majesty, his beauty, his weightiness, his gravitas, his wow, his awesomeness, his unbelievable-ness. [Thus] To glorify God means to honor God. When you glorify someone, you celebrate them, you give them honor… [To use […]

I Want to Pray but I Don’t Know How

Confession: I don’t know how to pray very well. That might be surprising if you know how involved I am in various ministry and prayer activities at Lighthouse and the fact that I actually help organize our church’s monthly Prayer Gathering. Yes, I am fully convinced that prayer is not optional but foundational to my […]

Episode 58: Growing Hearts for Prayer

Read Megan, Mei, and Nicole’s blog post! Practical Applications: 1) Start small with 4-5 prayer cards (Suggestion: 2 character traits you want to grow in, 1 significant person and 1 significant event). Frame each with a Bible verse to help direct your prayers. 2) Pray with a friend or a group of friends over the […]

Episode 56: Loving Your Friends

“Lighthouse, what do you give thanks to God for? It is good and right to give thanks to God for all His benefits toward us, spiritual and material, and for how He is working in us, but do we also give thanks to God for how He is graciously working in others, in our friends? […]

Episode 42: Messy, Watchful, and Humble Prayers

“God is always doing something. It may not be what we want or what we expect, but that doesn’t mean that God isn’t working… Our goal as we pray is to be watchful, to develop an eye for Jesus, and to look not just at what God is doing outside of us but even what […]

Episode 41: Praying Without Ceasing

“You would be surprised at all the moments in your day that can be used for prayer. Waiting in line, brushing your teeth, before you start your work day, on your commute, when you are having trouble going to sleep, while working out, this list goes on. Be aware of these times and use them […]