Episode 35: Meditating on the Works of God

“To meditate is to draw out the significance of the things that we remember. What does God’s salvation mean for me today? If this is true of who God is, then how should that shape the way that I think about where I’m at right now? May we be people who are confidently and freshly […]

Episode 31: Fueling our Faith and Worship

“One final encouragement – some of you feel stuck.. stuck in your anger… stuck in your worry… stuck in your fear… and in our counseling ministry we have seen different reasons for this – but one very common one is too much time fueling their idolatry and sin, and not enough time fueling their love […]

Episode 5: Faith and Waiting

“We steward our seasons of waiting well by remembering that there is a work that God wants to do in us and through us right now.’ Family Worship Family Worship Devotional Download Suggested Worship Songs -I Will Wait for You (Psalm 130) -By Faith -Be Thou My Vision Icebreaker Question -What is something that you […]

Episode 4: Faith and Love

“Let us be passionate in our love for others. Let us have eyes that see the need around us. Let us follow the great example that we have in Christ, who gave His life as a ransom for many. And as we love others, may the world around us notice and be drawn to our […]

A Purpose Greater Than Your Suffering (John 9:1-12)

Key Idea: To embrace our sufferings we must believe that God’s purpose is greater than the suffering itself. 1. To embrace suffering you must have faith in the greater story of God 2. To embrace suffering you must have faith in the purposes of God

An Introduction to the Psalms

The Psalms are… …the divinely inspired songs… …of the people of God… …for the worship of God… …so that we can share in the life of God… …for the life of the world.  

What Kind of King Do You Seek?(John 6:22-35)

Key Idea: Our self-focused following robs us of the soul satisfying nature of Christ-focused faith. I. Beware a self-focused following A self-focused following makes a god out of his gifts A self-focused following makes God about his gifts II. Pursue a Christ-focused faith A Christ-focused faith sees gifts as pointing to the greatness of Christ […]