Episode 35: Meditating on the Works of God

“To meditate is to draw out the significance of the things that we remember. What does God’s salvation mean for me today? If this is true of who God is, then how should that shape the way that I think about where I’m at right now? May we be people who are confidently and freshly aware of who God is in the past, the present, and even into the unknown future.”

Family Worship

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Suggested Worship Songs:
• By Faith
• Yet Not I but Through Christ in Me

• Passage: Psalm 77
• Key Idea: When you’re unsure of where God is in the present, rehearse what He has done in the past.
o “If steadfast love is pledged in his covenant, it can hardly disappear, or his promises come to nothing…and to ask ‘Has God forgotten?’ is to invite only one reply.” (Derek Kidner)
o “Your way was through the sea” (v. 19)
o “You led your people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron” (v. 20)

Discussion Questions:
• In vv. 1-9, Asaph expresses some of his honest feelings and doubts about who God is in the midst of his circumstances. Like Asaph, when our circumstances have changed, we can be tempted to think that God has changed. What are some of your honest struggles, doubts, or questions for God? What specific parts of His character do you have trouble trusting in right now (vv. 7-9)?

• Asaph decides to actively rehearse the works of God in the past so that He can gain perspective on who God still is in the present. What are some concrete examples of God’s attributes listed below that you can go back to and remember (e.g. in your own life, in the lives of others, in Scripture, etc.)? Try to be specific.
o God’s power (v. 14)
o God’s salvation (v. 15)
o God’s fatherly love (v. 15)
o God’s surprising providence (v. 19)

• Remembrance and meditation in Scripture isn’t just bringing to mind as if recalling information, but also involves drawing out the significance of the things that we rehearse. In light of the examples that you listed from the previous question, how does that shape the way that you think and live right now?

• Pattern a personal prayer after Psalm 77 and the answers that you gave for the questions above. Express your honest questions, doubts, and struggles to God. Rehearse what He has done in the past and pray for eyes of faith to trust that your circumstances are part of God’s bigger story.
• Pray for wisdom for our church and government leaders as they make important decisions for next steps