Rejected But Resurrected

Pastor Wayne Hu 1 Peter 2:4-8 Key Idea: As believers living in this fallen world, we are and will be rejected, but in Christ we are and will be resurrected. Rejected By Men: Chosen by God Rejected By Men -> Exalted By God

The Gospel-Centered Family (Luke 7:36-50)

Key Idea: To show each other grace in our relationships we ourselves must first be transformed everyday by the grace God extends to us. 1. A Gospel-centered family recognizes sin as their greatest problem Applications a. Be much more focused on your own sin b. Continually suspect and inspect your own heart 2. A Gospel-centered […]

Episode 80: Grace Motivated Love

“The power to love comes from when you recognize and remember God’s love for you. The power to love comes from when you yourself are changed and transformed by God’s love. So whether you are struggling to love a spouse, a child, a coworker or relative, a friend or roommate, the way you can fuel […]

Episode 69: Knowing, Trusting, & Loving Christ Our Shepherd

“When we feel lacking in our love and affections for Christ, we need to meditate on His sacrificial love for us that ultimately cost Him His life. When we feel lacking in our desire to be with Christ, we must reflect on His continual pursuit of us and our hearts and His desire to fellowship […]

Episode 42: Messy, Watchful, and Humble Prayers

“God is always doing something. It may not be what we want or what we expect, but that doesn’t mean that God isn’t working… Our goal as we pray is to be watchful, to develop an eye for Jesus, and to look not just at what God is doing outside of us but even what […]

Episode 32: Get Wisdom

“Instead of looking inside of ourselves or looking to this world, we gain wisdom by going to the Source of all wisdom, our Creator God who made this whole universe… In this season of uncertainty and even despair, let’s desire and seek out God’s wisdom as it will lead to hope to life and ultimate […]