Episode 78: From Stealing to Sharing

“In light of Christmas, we have a shining model to imitate. Jesus Christ did not rest idle on His heavenly throne. He came down. He would do the honest and hard work of redeeming the lost, spending Himself that He might have something to share, salvation. And so we labor, not to earn His favor, […]

Episode 77: Five Songs to Add to Your Advent Playlist

“Advent/Christmas music is interesting because you have these really beloved, some theologically rich songs that we sing every year and it’s cool whenever you get a fresh arrangement of these songs that comes out.”

Episode 76: God’s Speed is Slow

“During seasons of slowness, change can often feel imperceptible. An inch in a marathon, a degree of change might not seem like a lot – but it is nonetheless a grace given by an infinitely gracious God who judges rightly. Therefore we cannot look at the small graces in our lives and shrug them off […]

Episode 75: Study the Bible with Pastor Eric

“The Word of God is what instructs us on how to be wise friends, what equips us to be people of discernment, what supplies us with a unique vision of the triune God, the church, and the world and how this vision shapes how we work, how we love God and our families, and how […]

Episode 74: You Watch Your Mouth!

“Our words should give grace to those who hear. Very simply, do your words point people to Christ? Does the graciousness of your speech remind people of the grace they find in the Gospel? Is there a hope-filled, heavenward flavor to the way you talk to people?”

Episode 73: Am I Emotionally Healthy?

“Emotional health is not knowing how to always, “feel better.” Emotional health is knowing how to come to God as a complete person, no matter what you are facing. It’s not about immediately having God take away bad feelings.” Family Worship Family Worship Devotional Download Scripture: Psalm 42:5 Worship Still, My Soul be Still (https://youtu.be/27WmFfY3rwc) […]

Episode 72: Wise and Gentle Dialogue

Let’s be humble enough to recognize our own biases. The other side can also be well-thought-out; we may have something to learn from them. Read and study those who you disagree with. Let’s find ways to have constructive and instructive dialogue rather than debates where the loudest win.”   Family Worship Family Worship Devotional Download […]

Episode 71: Know Peace

“Lives that are focused on God know peace. In our prayer, it’s so easy to ask for things, to ask for help, and we should. But when we are thankful, we are reminded not of of ourselves, but our great God who can bring us peace. That when a watching world sees this peace that […]

Episode 70: Overcoming Anxiety

“The next time you start to feel anxious, you start to feel your heart racing, stop and pray with thanksgiving. Ask God for his peace and imagine that He’s guarding your heart and mind for what makes you anxious as you trust Him who is far greater than whatever problem you’re facing.” Family Worship Family […]

Episode 69: Knowing, Trusting, & Loving Christ Our Shepherd

“When we feel lacking in our love and affections for Christ, we need to meditate on His sacrificial love for us that ultimately cost Him His life. When we feel lacking in our desire to be with Christ, we must reflect on His continual pursuit of us and our hearts and His desire to fellowship […]