Sermons on “Following Jesus”

The Lord is My Shepherd (John 10:1-21)

Key Idea: Following the Good Shepherd in faith is to know the abundant life. I. Following… II. …the Good Shepherd in faith… The Good Shepherd knows his sheep The Good Shepherd sacrifices for his sheep III. …is to know the abundant life. 1. It makes boundaries beautiful 2. It shows following means freedom

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What Kind of King Do You Seek?(John 6:22-35)

Key Idea: Our self-focused following robs us of the soul satisfying nature of Christ-focused faith. I. Beware a self-focused following A self-focused following makes a god out of his gifts A self-focused following makes God about his gifts II. Pursue a Christ-focused faith A Christ-focused faith sees gifts as pointing to the greatness of Christ […]

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