Youth Retreat Testimonies

I hope God uses the retreat as a constant reminder of his love and his grace so that I can know him more, so that I can know my brothers and sisters in Christ more, and also for those that are so lost without Christ, I hope that I have the motivation and boldness to […]

Ordo Salutis 3 – Justification (Romans 3.23-25)

What does a regenerate heart do upon conversion?•    Faith – turning to Christ and trusting that he is able to save you•    Repentance – turning away from your sin What is justification?Justification is when God instantly and forever forgives our sins, imputes to us Christ’s righteousness, and declares us to be righteous. Rom. 3:23 for all have […]

Ordo Salutis 2 – Regeneration (John 3.1-8)

I. From Death to Life, Regenerated by the Spirit of God (John 3:1-8) 1. What does it mean to be born again? (3:5) 2. Why must we be born again?  3. How can we be born again? (3:6-8) Discussion Questions1. What is one thing you learned? One question you have? 2. How would you explain regeneration […]

The Tower of Pride (Genesis 10:1-11:9)

I. The Cultures of the World: Man’s Nations (10:1-32) II. The Sin of Pride: Man’s Rebellion (11:1-4) III. The Judgment of God: Man’s Humiliation (11:5-9) IV. The Wisdom of God: Man’s Restoration

The “New” World (Genesis 9)

I. Man is Still Man: We are Made in God’s Image (9:1-7) II. God is Still God: He is the Promise-Keeping God (9:8-17) III. Man is Still Sinful: We Cannot Escape Sin (9:18-27) IV. Man Still Needs a Savior: Christ, the Promised One (9:28-29) Discussion Questions 1. What was one thing you learned from this […]