Updates from the Japan Team – Day 2

For those of you who don’t know, Lighthouse just sent off a short-term Missions Team to Japan! Since the beginning, Lighthouse has been focusing on Japan as one of its target countries (in terms of evangelism), and we have finally sent our first team. Daichi, Joy, Zach, Mark, Christina (and kids) will be partnering with Christ Bible Institute in Nagoya, spending time with the teams there, and teaching musical worship seminars. Team Member/Summer Intern Zach will be sending daily updates so keep checking back! 


Day 2
6:30AM – Ate breakfast. Documented Pastor Gavin saying “ZOMG” (just kidding – it was Megan).
7:30-10:30AM – Prayer Walk (There’s WAY too much to share for this so please see the next post.)
10:30AM – Hung out at Heart & Soul Café (part of the Christ Bible Institute). Met some people.
11:30AM – Went to lunch with Hide and a guy we met.

beautiful Japanese breakfast

Food Noodles
12:30PM – Hung out at Heart & Soul Café again. Baby English was going on.
1:30PM – Met with short term missionaries from Bethlehem Baptist Church to plan Saturday event.
2:00PM – Helped cut out flyers for event. Got to know Bethlehem team.
3:30PM – Helped out around Heart & Soul Cafe. Got to know some of the missionaries. Napped.
4:45PM – Met a lady and talked about the Bible and studying the Bible.
5:30PM – Went to Rayls’ apartment for dinner. (Brett Rayl is a long term missionary to Japan, and director of the Christ Bible Institute)
8:30PM – Got back to the hotel. Accidentally knocked out before I could write an update.

Gavin ZOMG

“Gavin” talking to Daichi, but actually it was Megan.
There are so many ways God is working in Japan. There were a lot of sobering statistics and realizations on the prayer walk. But with that, there was a lot of encouragement from the optimism of Brett and Hide and the community at CBI.

Nagoya Station 1
Daichi, Joy, Brett, Zach and Hide! 
Nagoya Station 3
Another angle …. at Nagoya Station! 

God is sovereign, and His grace is shown in so many ways in and around CBI.

Hide has gotten much better and was able to go with us on the prayer walk and then out to eat. Yasuyo (Hide’s wife) has the day off tomorrow. So, we’ll get to spend more time with her tomorrow (i.e. today – when you’re reading)!

There will be more detailed posts about the prayer walk, CBI, and people we’ve met. Stay tuned!

Prayer Requests for the team:

  • Language is still a big barrier (surprise!). But it’s nice to have Daichi around to translate for us. And Joy too.
  • Getting out of our comfort zone and being more intentional meeting and getting to know people.
  • The Katos will being coming in from Tokyo tomorrow. Please pray for safe and smooth travels.
  • Saturday will be quite busy. Cooking for lunch & dinner for 2 different events.
  • That we would be more prayerful for Japan.