Sunday Fuel: May 19, 2024

Welcome to Sunday Fuel! This series of questions is designed to assist your personal reflection and fellowship with others about the sermon from this past Sunday.

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While love is the greatest thing we can do for others, it is also very difficult because of the inward selfish bent of our hearts. 

  1. Think of someone God gives you the opportunity to love. Allow love to guide you in prayer for this person. In what ways might you express love as described in Phil. 2:3-4? Or what other commands from Scripture might be appropriate ways to show love to this person? 
  2. What would it cost you to love this person in this way? What sacrifices might you need to make? 
  3. If you struggle with unfairness, take time to lament to the Lord all the reasons why you feel it is unfair. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you freely choose, by His power, to set aside your ledger and be willing to serve them for their good, even if it costs you.
  4. Take some time to thank God for the freedom the gospel gives us. Would you commit to using your freedom in Christ to choose to love others instead of yourself? Pray that He would be glorified in your efforts to love others and that He might use it to testify to a watching world of the evidence of Christ..

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