In Pursuit of Unfair Relationships (John 13:1-17)

Key idea: Christian love (by its very nature) is the pursuit of what is unfair.

1. We must admit our struggle to love

Two truths:
Our sin makes it difficult to recognize our own sin
Our sin means we will justify sin

Two applications:
DO see yourself in this story as a disciple who desperately needs to grow in love
DO NOT think of this message as something you hope someone else listens to

2. We must see the pursuit of unfair relationships as Christlike Love (Verses 1-5)

This love was a response to selfishness
This love was a costly (even humiliating) act of service
This love was inherently unfair

3. We must orient our lives around Love (Verses 6-11)

4. We must recognize the pride that devastates Love (Verses 12-16)

To pursue humility, begin with repentance
To pursue humility, constantly gaze at Christ

5. We must pursue true blessings that comes from Love (Verses 17)