Keeping Up with Children’s Ministry

Hi Lighthouse Church Family! We miss you and we want to keep in touch! “Checking in with the Church Family” is our series to help us stay connected, provide encouragement, and remind us all of how God has been good and faithful to Lighthouse during this unique season. Stay tuned for updates from different ministries, highlights, interviews and encouragements as we all continue to think through loving and serving others during this time.

Here is just a glimpse of what Lighthouse Kids, our Children’s ministry, has been doing during this season.

Ways You Can Be Praying for Lighthouse Kids:

  1. Pray for our kids to continue to grow in their faith and their knowledge of Christ. Pray for those entering a new season of distance learning to adjust well and make the most of this season. Pray also for kids to find ways to connect with each other and grow in their relationships.
  2. Pray for greater dependence on God as there are many more opportunities but also challenges in the home. Pray for parents to be motivated by grace and the gospel as they shepherd their kids. Pray for families to find ways to connect with others to bless and be blessed by one another.
  3. Pray for wisdom and creativity as we continue to think through how to best minister during this time. Pray for ideas of how to reach out in meaningful and personal ways to our families.