“There are a billion ways to start digging deeper roots into God’s Word, and you don’t have to do all of them, but are you doing any of them? My guess is that this is not news to you. One more Truths for Troubled Times video to remind you to be in the Word. But there’s a reason for that. The reason why this never ceases to be a relevant issue for us is because it never ceases to be the way that God wants to see change happen in our lives. Maybe this is the 100th time you’ve heard this in the past few months, but has anything changed for you? I want to encourage you that it’s not too late. Start small, stay consistent, and be planted in the Word. The opportunity to be rooted in God’s Word has not passed you by, all you have to do is to start digging.”

Family Worship

Family Worship Devotional Download

Ice Breaker Question:
•If you could grow any plant, what would you grow?
•What helps plants grow well (good soil, sunlight, water, etc.)?
•How can you tell if a plant is healthy?

Read Psalm 1

Key Idea: We grow as Christians by planting ourselves in God’s Word
•We can’t let the world and its lies be our primary teachers and sources of influences
•We have to meditate on God’s Word, which means we have to be studying it, thinking about it, memorizing it, and singing it.

Discussion Questions
•What are some of the different lies that the world tells us about what’s true and what’s important? What does God’s Word say is true about each of those lies?
•What are some ways we can meditate on God’s Word as a family? (Family worship time, Scripture memory, singing worship songs together, reading a Psalm at dinner time, morning devotionals)

Prayer Focuses:
•Pray for each family at Lighthouse to grow in their love for the Word
•Pray for the pastors and teachers at Lighthouse to continue faithfully proclaim God’s Word