Family in the Gospel, Family for the Gospel (Romans 12:1-8)

The mission of our youth ministry is to support parents in maturing the youth to be lifelong disciples of Jesus and equipping them for a life of obedience and worship to him. A church family with youth transformed by the Gospel (vv. 1-2) A church family with parents humbled by the Gospel (v. 3) A […]

Terms of Service: Principles for a Wise Digital Life

Six principles to guide our living in the digital age God wants me to love him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength (Matthew 22:37-38) God wants me to love others (Matthew 22:39) God wants me to be ruthless with my sin (Matthew 5:27-30) God wants me to fill my mind with truth (Colossians […]

Ancient Wisdom For a Digital Age

Living Wisely (Part 4): Ancient Wisdom for a Digital Age Selected Scripture   Two reasons why we need ancient wisdom in the digital age We need wisdom because Jesus is Lord over the digital age We struggle with: Mindlessness “Mine-fulness” We need wisdom because living in the digital age reveals and shapes who you are […]

Generosity with the Gospel (Matthew 2:1-12)

Three ways the Christmas story motivates to be generous with the Gospel Christ came to call outsiders You were an outsider Every unbeliever is an outsider God can save any outsider Christ came to dethrone our false kings Christ came to create worshipers Worship calls for sacrifice Worship calls for submission Worship creates joy

Hope for Our Humility (Philippians 2:1-11)

Five facets of humility that make the darkness flee 1. The inevitability of humility (v. 1) 2. The result of humility (v. 2) 3. The heart of humility (vv. 3-4) 4. The example of humility (vv. 5-8) 5. The hope of humility (vv. 9-11) “Man’s maker was made man that He, Ruler of the stars, […]

Episode 74: You Watch Your Mouth!

“Our words should give grace to those who hear. Very simply, do your words point people to Christ? Does the graciousness of your speech remind people of the grace they find in the Gospel? Is there a hope-filled, heavenward flavor to the way you talk to people?”