Episode 30: Impatience and Frustration

“As much as we are waiting for many things to happen, the one thing we should be waiting on the most is God. Waiting for other things that we think will give us stability and safety will always lead to impatience and unrest. But waiting on God, trusting in his story, his priorities will always bring us peace.”

Family Worship

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O Great God
Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me 

Do the Stanford marshmallow experiment!

Give your children (or yourself!) a marshmallow (or another treat). They have two choices: 1) they can eat their treat now, or 2) they can wait for 2 minutes and get a second treat if they wait patiently.

Transition: “Waiting is hard! We’re all waiting for a lot of things right now. And all of us can feel impatient and frustrated with the ways things are right now. But God wants to remind us that if we are waiting for him we can be filled with patience and peace.”

Passage: Isaiah 64:4

“From of old no one has heard
or perceived by the ear,
no eye has seen a God besides you,
who acts for those who wait for him.”

Key idea: We can wait patiently because we know that God is in control and he has good reasons for allowing us to be where we are.

• God is in control
– We can be impatient because we want to be in control or we forget that God is in control
• We should love God and love others while we wait
– We can be impatient because we are thinking mostly about ourselves, but God always wants to be thinking about how we can love him and love others

While we are waiting, we can become impatient if we are loving ourselves. But we grow patient as we turn our waiting into loving God and loving others.

• What are some the ways we can love God while we are waiting?
• What are some of the ways we can love others while we are waiting?

• Pray for patience as we wait on the Lord during this season
• Pray for us to love God and love others while we wait