Episode 10: Who is God? The Faithfulness of Prayer

“You may not know the full story now, but you can rest knowing that God is faithful; and so your life is in the hands of the great screenwriter who has written a story that not only pursues his greatest glory, but your greatest good.”

Family Worship

Family Worship Devotional Download

Family Worship
• Sing a song or songs about the faithfulness of Christ (i.e. He Will Hold Me Fast; It is well with my Soul).


• Read Lamentations 3:22-23 out loud and discuss how God is faithful.

Icebreaker Question: Who is your favorite superhero and why?

Key Verse: Genesis 50:20 — 20 As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.
• Like the devotional you watched, it is helpful to explain the story of Joseph so that this verse has more meaning.

Illustration: Is God a superhero or the screenwriter? (from the video devotional)

Key Idea: God is always faithful because we are living in his loving plan.

Discussion Questions:
1. What is the difference between a superhero and a screenwriter? When it comes to our lives, why is it better that God is a screenwriter and a superhero?
2. In what ways was Joseph’s life difficult? Which part would you have hated the most?
3. Read Genesis 50:20 again. What was God’s plan in Joseph’s pain?
4. There are many difficult things going on right now. Can you see some ways that God is using the Coronavirus as part of his loving plan?
5. Do you know anyone who is suffering? How can we serve them? How can we encourage them? How can we pray for them?

Spend time in prayer as a family

Prayer Focuses: For those who are suffering or need protection (e.g. the elderly, doctors, small business owners, those with a compromised immune system, those who have had important events cancelled)
1. For the faith to see God’s faithfulness in the storms of life.
2. For growth in their love and trust of Christ.
3. For the ministry of the Gospel