Episode 10: Who is God? The Faithfulness of Prayer

“You may not know the full story now, but you can rest knowing that God is faithful; and so your life is in the hands of the great screenwriter who has written a story that not only pursues his greatest glory, but your greatest good.” Family Worship Family Worship Devotional Download Family Worship • Sing […]

Our Faithful God (Acts 21:27-22:29)

Key Idea: Our God is faithful and provides for us in our weakness. Three ways God is faithful in the midst of difficulties: I. God is faithful to change us II. God is faithful to guide us III. God is faithful to provide for us

Often Hidden, Always Faithful (Ruth 4:13-22)

We can have peace through the sufferings of life because we know that though God is often hidden, he is always faithful. I. We must remember that though God is often hidden, he is always faithful God often uses the ordinary to do the extraordinary God’s plan is always better II. We can’t let the […]

Where Love Looks (Ruth 4:1-12)

Two hopes: Greater Trust Greater Love Key Idea: The focus of our hearts will lead to the faithfulness of our love. I. To love better we must look away from self II. To love better we must look to God The Blessings of Steadfast Love You experience unique grace You live a life that matters

Bold Perseverance (Acts 4:1-31)

Five keys to persevering in evangelism: Expect persecution Cultivate a rich relationship with Christ Submit to the authority of God over all other authorities Embrace the sovereignty of God in persecution Desire faithful proclamation more than fleeting peace