Parenting – Faithfulness and Faith (Psalm 127)

Key Idea: We must give up the illusion of personal sovereignty

I. Faithfulness – giving up the illusion of sovereignty reorients our faithfulness

If what we are pursuing for our kids, is not what GOD is pursuing for our kids, God is not in that, and it is ultimately meaningless.
Parenting is ultimately about addressing the worship of the heart with the truths of the Gospel.
We see the law as important for wisdom and conviction, but incapable of saving
We address the worship of the heart, not just their behavior
We give them an identity that begins vertically, not horizontally; that is tied to the Creator, not the creation

II. Faith – giving up the illusion of sovereignty redirects our faith

We rest because we believe God can use the difficulties of life to draw our kids to himself, or draw them CLOSER to himself
We rest because we believe God’s timing is better than ours
We rest because God grows US through our kid’s sins and struggles
We often think God puts us in our kids’ lives to show them THEIR sin and need for Christ, but we must also believe that God puts our kids in our lives to show us OUR sin and OUR need for Christ.
We rest because there is forgiveness for our failures We rest because God is greater than our failures