Baptism Sunday

0:00 – Devotional – “Crucified with Christ” (Galatian 2:20)12:12 – Abigail Viado17:04 – Allison Mirhan20:38 – Azriel Antonio24:28 – Isaiah Len27:23 – Allison Huang31:09 – Kristin Sung36:40 – Jason Irie40:38 – Jaren Silva

Anniversary Service

Thanking God For A Faithfulness We Don’t Always See – Psalm 3:1-3 Testimonies Daniel & Susie Pyo Matt Davis Eric & Megan Cai

Parenting – Faithfulness and Faith (Psalm 127)

Key Idea: We must give up the illusion of personal sovereignty I. Faithfulness – giving up the illusion of sovereignty reorients our faithfulness If what we are pursuing for our kids, is not what GOD is pursuing for our kids, God is not in that, and it is ultimately meaningless. Parenting is ultimately about addressing […]