Glory in the Gospel – Part 2: Faithfulness (John 17:2-5)

The greater my faith in the faithfulness of Christ, the more faithful I will live.

Key idea: Christ’s glory is revealed in his faithfulness through the Gospel.

Practical Application: We must have great faith in Christ, for our good and his glory.

I. Our faith

  1. “to know” – It is to have fellowship with Jesus, built on faith in the truths of who he is, as revealed in Scripture
  2. “the only true God”

Two stumbling blocks to faith:

  1. A misinformed, meaningless faith

People often have trouble having faith in Jesus, because they barely know the Jesus they are supposed to have faith in.

  1. A misplaced faith

II. Christ’s faithfulness

  1. Evidence of Christ’s faithfulness

A. Sovereignty and power
B. Sacrifice and love

“Everything will be ok.”

  1. Significance of Christ’s faithfulness

Eternal Life

A. God’s faithfulness means he keeps his promises
B. God’s faithfulness means his constant presence
C. God’s faithfulness means his powerful purposes
D. God’s faithfulness means perseverance