The “New” World (Genesis 9)

I. Man is Still Man: We are Made in God’s Image (9:1-7) II. God is Still God: He is the Promise-Keeping God (9:8-17) III. Man is Still Sinful: We Cannot Escape Sin (9:18-27) IV. Man Still Needs a Savior: Christ, the Promised One (9:28-29) Discussion Questions 1. What was one thing you learned from this […]

Sin Entered the World (Genesis 3:1-7)

Key Idea: We have a big problem—sin—but God has a perfect plan of salvation. I. The Crisis: The Serpent Tempts Eve (3:1-5) Three Lies 1. 2. 3. II. The Catastrophe: Man Rejects God (3:6-7) Sin tempts us to be ________________.

All Things Good (Genesis 1:2-2:3)

I. God Gave Creation Form (1:2-13) II. God Filled Creation with Life (1:14-2:2) III. God Rested from Creation (2:3) IV. All Things Good?