Salvation Belongs to God (Romans 9:1-13)

Key Idea: God’s choice to save demonstrates His sovereign grace towards sinners. God’s choice to save should fuel our burden for the lost (vv.1-5) God’s choice to save demonstrates His faithfulness (vv.6-9) God’s choice to save is unconditional (vv.10-13)

Life in the Spirit (Romans 8:1-11)

Key Idea: The Holy Spirit is our great hope and confidence in possessing new life with Christ. The Spirit Guarantees Life for You (vv.1-14) The Spirit Transforms the Old You (vv.5-8) The Spirit Resides in the New You (vv.9-11) Due to a technical issue, approximately four minutes of the sermon was not recorded starting at […]

Freed to Obey (Romans 6:15-23)

Key Idea: As Christians, we live under the reality that God owns us and is worthy of wholehearted obedience. 1. A New Master (vv.15-16) 2. A Radical Path (vv.17-19) 3. A Better Outcome (vv.20-23)

Man to Man Coverage (Romans 5:12-21)

Key Idea: Your eternal destiny either lies in the spectacular sin of Adam or the superabounding grace of Christ.   Three realities that affect your eternal destiny: Adam represents humanity in sin’s destruction (vv.12-14) Christ represents many in His abundant grace (vv.15-17) Christ graciously leads His own to victorious life (vv.18-21)

Wisdom and Work (Selected Proverbs)

Key Idea: Wisdom demands us to consider the purpose and proper attitude towards work so we may skillfully Glorify God and love others through it. Four fundamental aspects of work to skillfully navigate in our lives: 1.    Worship: God’s Purpose for Work (Prov 8:22-31) 2.    Practical: Survival, Enjoyment, Generosity (Prov 10:4-5, 12:11, 11:24-25, 13:22) 3.    […]

Wisdom and Integrity (Selected Proverbs)

Key Idea: Living with integrity means every aspect of your life is subject to the wisdom of the LORD and keeping in step with the Fear of the LORD.   Three aspects of Godly integrity you must watch and build into your life: Your Legacy (Prov 10:9, 22:1) Your Commitments (20:25, 25:14) Your Diligence Planning […]