True Worshipers: So, So Small, Yet So, So Loved! (Psalm 8)

Key Idea: How to be a true worshiper: see God as He is, see yourself as you are, and marvel at God’s grace.

See God as he is (vv.1-2)

Who is God?
God is YHWH, our personal God
God is Majestic
God is supreme (God over all the earth)
God is glorious
God is powerful

See yourself as you are (vv.3-4)
Marvel at God’s Grace (vv.5-9)

Seek Wisdom! (Proverbs 2)

Seek wisdom and you will be wise, protected, and blessed. If you search for wisdom… (2:1-4) Application Questions

Listen to Wisdom (Proverbs 1)

Main point: Listen to Wisdom. I. Listen to the Proverbs (1:1-7)II. Listen to Wisdom, Not ‘Friends’ (1:8-19)III. Listen to Wisdom’s Warning (1:20-33)