Sermon Study: Session 1 (Fall 2021)

Session 1 – Small Group Study Guide

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Word: How this truth should be understood

  1. In Pastor Kim’s message, he explained how the “will of the Lord” in verse 17 refers to the gospel, knowing it and living according to its truths. Why do you think this is significant?
  2. In verse 15, Paul tells us to “look carefully” how we walk. What do you think Paul is trying to communicate especially with the word “carefully”?
  3. The context of this passage stretches all the way back to Ephesians 4:1-3. Take a moment to read that passage. How does this passage inform what Paul means when calls us to live a life that matters?

Worship: How this truth affects your heart

  1. COVID is an undeniable tragedy. But as Pastor Kim pointed out, one of the graces of COVID is that it has forced us to consider what matters. What are some of the things that you’ve realized really matters? What are the things in your life that have been too important? What hasn’t been important enough?
  2. Living a life that matters isn’t simply about what you do, but who you live for. How would your life change (in big and small ways) if you lived for Christ?
  3. On a daily or weekly basis, what consumes most of your time? What can this reveal about what you value in life? What do you think those closest to you would say is most important to you?

Work: How this truth works out in your life

  1. Think through one specific area of your life. How can you begin to thoughtfully live for Christ in that one area? Maybe write down one prayer that you could pray through to start that off.
    See Appendix – Sample Prayer from Every Moment Holy for an example
  2. How would it look for the mundane matters of life to still be for Christ?
  3. In this particular season of life, what are the unique ways you can steward your time to love God and love others more
  4. What are the lies of the world you are prone to believe? How can God’s word unravel the world’s narrative?

Sharing and Prayer

  1. As you think about this season, what is one area in which you’d like to grow in living out your faith? Write this down and prepare to follow-up and track God’s work in our future sessions!
  2. What are some ways that you’d like to apply what you just learned to that one area you’d like to grow in living out your faith?
  3. Share other prayer requests.