Gentle and Lowly: Session 2 (Spring 2022)

Session 2 – Small Group Study Guide

Gentle and Lowly Chapters 2-3

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Study Questions

  1. On p. 25, Ortlund states, “What we see Jesus claim with his words in Matthew 11:29, we see him prove with his actions time and again in all four gospels.” When you consider the heart of Christ in the gospels, what narratives come to mind that reveal his heart? What biblical expressions of his heart do you find yourself meditating on most?
  2. There are many reasons for why Christ moved toward sufferers and sinners: to fulfill prophecies, to spread the gospel, to provide a preview of his kingdom, and to glorify his Father. Why is it important for the author to highlight the compassion of Christ as the reason he moves toward us? How is that encouraging as you consider your own sin and suffering?
  3. How does Jesus reverse the interplay between the Old Testament categories of clean and unclean? What relevance does this have for your own life (see pp. 30-31)?
  4. How do we today receive and experience the same compassionate love that Christ demonstrated in his earthly ministry (pp. 32-33)?
  5. In your private worship, how often is the heart of Christ (or the heart of God), included in your meditation? We often celebrate and exalt the wondrous works of God but fail to see what his actions reveal about his heart towards us. Why do you think it’s important for us to move from meditating on God’s words and deeds to considering his heart toward us (g. Heb 1:3 says, “he upholds all things the word of his power.” As you meditate on this verse you may find hope knowing that this means God upholds your life, your marriage, and your relationships all because of his heart of compassion and love.)?
  6. Before approaching chapter 3, how would you have answered the question, “What makes Jesus happy?” Has this chapter changed your answer in any way (pp. 35-38)?
  7. Knowing that Christ finds joy in taking up your burdens, how might that help you in prayerfully bringing your burdens to him? What burdens do you want to more intentionally bring to him this week in prayer?

Sharing and Prayer

  1. What is one thing from this study that has impacted your understanding of Jesus? How might this add a dimension to how you relate to Him?
  2. Share other prayer requests: