Gentle and Lowly: Session 11 (Spring 2022)

Session 10 – Small Group Study Guide

Gentle and Lowly Chapters 20-21

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Study Questions

  1. In chapter 20, Ortlund turns to the Galatians to “bring the heart of Christ to bear on our chronic tendency to function out of the subtle belief that our obedience strengthens the love of God” (p. 182). What are the lies you might be tempted to believe about how your obedience changes how God feels about you? Your disobedience?
  2. Galatians 3:10 asserts that “all who rely on works of the law are under a curse.” What does it mean to “rely on works of the law?” Read the following context in Galatians 3:11-14. What hope does Paul give to those who are cursed by relying on works of the law?
  3. Ortlund writes, “Living out of a law-fueled subconscious resistance to Christ’s heart, which we all tend to think we’re successfully avoiding (those silly Galatians!), is deep and subtle and pervasive. It is more pervasive than the occasional moments of self-conscious works-righteousness would indicate” (p. 186). Why do you think this is the case? In what ways might legalism be more pervasive in your life than you think?
  4. Read Romans 5:6-11. Paul describes our life before Christ as when we were weak (v. 6), sinners (v. 8), and enemies (v. 10). How did your life reflect this before you knew Christ?
  5. At the end of Romans 5:10, Paul says we “shall . . . be saved by his life.” What kind of salvation is he referring to here?
  6. What excites you about the prospect of being with God forever in heaven? How does the certainty of your eternity in heaven grow your confidence in God’s love for you?

Sharing and Prayer

  1. What is one thing from this study that has impacted your understanding of Jesus? How might this add a dimension to how you relate to Him?
  2. Share other prayer requests: