Caring for One Another: Session 10 (Fall 2020)

Session 10 – Small Group Study Guide

Lesson 8 – Remember and Reflect

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Study Questions

PART I: This book has equipped us with wise, everyday, ordinary conversations to encourage one another to Christ-likeness. As Welch says, “God uses ordinary people and their increasingly wise, childlike, God-dependent conversations to build his church. These do not depend on our brilliance in order to be helpful; they depend on Jesus” (69-70).

  1. In what ways have you seen yourself grow toward Christ-likeness as a result of being in your small group or having others move toward you during this season? Use this time to reflect on God’s goodness – and write out a quick personal testimony.
  2. As much as we seek to help others, remember that all of this starts with us: We need to have humility. Relationships are a two-way street, and we are qualified to meet the needs of others when we too admit our neediness to one another. Out of all the lessons, which one(s) was most personally impactful for you? How can you grow in allowing others to speak into your life in those ways? 

PART II: Consider the people you identified in “Lesson 2: Move toward Others” that you wanted to move toward during this small group study. Write their names below and then proceed with the rest of the questions:

Person #1 Person #2


  1. In what ways have you seen them grow in Christ-likeness as a result of your interaction with them? Can you take some time this week to share with them the ways you have been blessed by their growth as a way of encouraging them? Write a letter or what you would say.
  2. Throughout the book Welch brings our focus onto the conversations of Christ. How have the interactions of our Savior toward others helped you worship Christ and imitate him in specific ways?
  3. The author lists seven different relationship skills that all grow from our relationship with God. While all these skills are important and need to grow more in our lives, which relationship skills are most difficult for you to implement and which ones do your relationships need the most? (e.g., personally difficult for me to get conversations to the level of the heart, relationships need more prayer, etc.)
  4. Take a moment to spend time in thankfulness to God together.

Sharing and Prayer

  1. Looking back, in what ways were you able to apply what you learned in the previous lesson this past week?
  2. Think of the 1-2 people you want to focus on caring for and moving toward during the rest of this small group season. Looking ahead, what are some ways that you would like to continue to apply what you just learned in this session to your own life as you seek to grow in caring for one another during this season of COVID-19?
  3. Share other prayer requests: