1 Peter Sermon Study: Session 7 (Fall 2022)

Session 7 – Small Group Study Guide

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Word: How this truth should be understood

  1. Read the Romans 8:12-18. What are some of the different ways Paul highlights our adoption?

Worship: How this truth affects your heart

  1. Scripture is clear that all believers should be engaged in mercy ministry towards those who are vulnerable. We were directly asked in this Sunday’s sermon, “Will you consider being involved in foster care or adoption?”; what are some hesitations, fears, or concerns you have? In what ways are you tempted to rationalize those objections?
  2. Our passage reminds us that we have been adopted into the Father’s family, but we face the temptation to functionally live as spiritual orphans by 1) hoarding, 2) living in fearing and 3) being uncertain about tomorrow. In what ways do you struggle with each of these temptations?

Work: How this truth works out in your life

  1. What are the next steps that you can take to live out our responsibility to show mercy? Some of us might be called to adoption and foster care, and some may not, but all of us must be involved in some way. What are some things you can do personally to support foster care and adoption?

Sharing and Prayer

  1. As you think about this season and our study in 1 Peter, what is one area in which you’d like to grow in living out your faith? Write this down and prepare to follow-up and track God’s work in our future sessions!
  2. What are some ways that you’d like to apply what you just learned to that one area you’d like to grow in living out your faith?
  3. Share other prayer requests.