1 Peter Sermon Study: Session 5 (Fall 2022)

Session 5 – Small Group Study Guide

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Word: How this truth should be understood

  1. In verse 11, what are the two things that the Spirit of Christ predicted? What is the significance of these graces for understanding your salvation?
  2. In verse 12, who does “those who preached the good news to you” refer to?
  3. Why does verse 12 say that our acceptance of the preached gospel is something that angels long to look?
  4. Read verse 13. How do vv. 10-12 help you set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you the revelation of Jesus Christ?

Worship: How this truth affects your heart

  1. As we heard on Sunday, God’s love is easily something we take for granted. But what would it mean in your current struggles or suffering to deeply believe God loves you?
  2. What daily sufferings, annoyances, frustrations, tempt you to shrink your world to the size of your difficult situation so that you can no longer see and hope in God’s grace?
  3. Reflect on the backstory of your salvation? What is your testimony of receiving grace from God? When was the last time you “marveled at the grace of salvation?”
  4. Meditate on the role of the Holy Spirit to empower ministry in verse 12. How does his powerful role to work in and through you provide hope and encouragement to your heart?

Work: How this truth works out in your life

  1. Who is the person who has shared the gospel with you (e.g., a friend, Sunday School teacher, pastor, parent, etc.)? This week, reach out to the person who God used to share the gospel with you and thank them.
  2. One encouragement from this passage is that God uses the ordinary means of proclamation to save us – not from extraordinary means – simply by “through those who preached the good news to you.” God wants to use you. So who is an unbeliever in your life that you can share Jesus with? Begin by praying for that person, and pray for “ordinary” opportunities to do so.