Reflecting on Women’s Retreat 2017

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I had never been to a women’s retreat before coming to Lighthouse. And even though I didn’t know who Marlean Felix personally, I had heard so many good things about her that it made me excited to meet her and learn under her teaching. The topic of this year’s retreat was “Walking through the Psalms”. I wanted to learn how to understand emotion more Biblically from this study on the Psalms. I wanted to have deeper understanding of who God is in the Psalms. I was also looking forward to meeting older women from Lighthouse, and learning from their wisdom and experiences.

Marlean walked us through four different Psalms. Psalms 34 (Becoming a Woman of Radiance), Psalms 63 (Satisfaction for the Thirsty Soul), Psalms 51 (Sin, Guilt, and Forgiveness), and Psalms 90 (Making the Most of Our Time).

My favorite session was Psalms 63: Satisfaction for the Thirsty Soul. Studying the background of Psalm 63 made David’s thirst and yearning for God so much more significant. He was in the middle of the desert-wilderness and was fleeing from his son. His heart is greatly troubled, but he didn’t set his heart on the circumstances, rather he sought the Lord and he remembered God’s steadfast love. I was encouraged to see how David earnestly seeking God and finds hope in him (Ps. 63:6-7). In the midst of his distress, he confessed “…your steadfast love is better than life.” (Ps. 63:3). I thought it was so encouraging to see David’s love and passion for God. I was convicted by my lack of desperation for God. The business of life and the pleasure of the earthly comforts keep my heart busy and distracted.  Psalms 34:10 says, “…for those who seek the LORD lack no good things.” It was comforting and convicting to be reminded that the true joy only comes from the Lord.

I really enjoyed the small group time after the sessions and the opportunity to meet new people. Some had been at Lighthouse for more than 4 years, but I had never seen them on a Sunday morning before. I was the only single person in my small group. It was a great benefit for me to hear the struggles in different stage of life and wisdom they shared about faith, marriage and family.

I had a chance to talk to Eileen at Saturday dinner. Even though I see her when she picks up her son from Sunday school, it was my first time getting to really talk with her. We shared our personal testimony, talked about family, and work. It’s always a joy to get to know the parents of the Sunday school kids in my class.

A highlight from my time there was MC Jane Oh, Jane Kim and their Hamilton songs. It was so fun and creative. I would love to go again and encourage others to go.

As an attendee, I do not know how much effort went on behind the scenes to make this happen. I’m very thankful for women’s core, for their sacrificial and faithful service; and for the prayer team and their faithful prayer for the prep and fruit of this retreat. I would not have bene able to go to this retreat without scholarship, so I’m also thankful for the generosity of the church to provide the opportunity.  It’s a treat to learn from someone who has spent her life studying God’s word. Thankful for Marlean Felix, for her diligence and discipline to study God’s word and her clear teaching. Above all, thanks to God for these are just a small reflection of His greater grace and generosity.

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