Uganda Missions 2024: Blog #1

Hi Lighthouse family – welcome from Sufficiency of Scripture Ministries in Kubamitwe, Uganda! After a 38 hour journey through Dubai via planes, taxis, airport inspections (we brought close to 500 lbs of goodies and medical supplies- thanks church family!!) and one rickety van, the team arrived a bit fatigued but refreshed by the joy of ministry that is happening here.

The road into this remote part of the country passed through much poverty and tangible hopelessness but in pulling into the SOS site (compound/ oasis/ community/ village), we were struck by the stark contrast of laughter and fellowship as kids were playing futbol and a multitude of other sports, moms were with their infants greeting one another with smiles and hugs, the facilities were otherworldly in comparison to what we had just passed through, and there was an unmistakable buzz of simple joy everywhere we turned.

Our accommodations can best be described as glamping on steroids  – the hospitality and preparations for our welcome were far beyond what we imagined.

Shannon Hurley, the founder and head guru of SOS gave us a tour of the facilities which involved at least 22 stops to give hugs and greetings to every student, staff worker, several of his adopted children, and youth who happened to pass by. We quickly realized how we had severely underestimated the scope and impact that SOS has on this  community as he shared ministry after ministry doused in kingdom purpose and gospel love.

Dinner was with Dr. Paul and his lovely family – home cooked Ugandan food! Our main purpose this week is to get to know SOS and spend time at the medical clinic to see if LCC could possibly support and partner with these amazing folks. I have a feeling that our involvement may go beyond the medical … We felt so loved as we fellowshipped with this dear brother and sister in Christ.

The team had a wonderful breakfast as they have left us with a kitchen and fridge stocked with all kinds of goodies and we will be spending Easter Sunday relaxing and worshipping with this (and in a glorious sense, “our”) church family.

Happy Easter everyone – He is risen!

Pastor Jason and team