Tim’s Links: The Word and Prayer

So how was your time with God today? Although this can be a question that we sometimes dread, as we grow in our love for Christ we should not only ask this of others but should be excited to share ourselves. In an effort for us to continue to grow in the grace of spending time with God, here are some links that have helped me seek God and enjoy my relationship with him:

Primer on Reading the Bible

To help us get started with studying the Scripture, here are seven short pieces of counsel from a lifetime student of the Word.

How to Read the Bible and Do Theology Well

Studying the Bible to expand our theology might seem intimidating. But D.A. Carson does an excellent job of showing how all theology, when done well, will result with repentance, faith, obedience, conformity to Christ, and joy in the Lord.

Resolved: To Read the Bible

Are you thinking about reading the entire Bible? This might surprise you, but it only takes the average American reader about 70hrs to read the entire Bible from cover to cover. To help us in our journey through reading the Bible, here are some suggestions from David Mathis.

Reignite Your Prayer Life

This article by Donald Whitney provides practical wisdom for using Scripture to guide our prayers.

Inject Your Prayer List with Life

Pastor Tibayan gives three helpful encouragements for how we can grow in supplication.


See you Sunday!
Pastor Tim