Tim’s Links: Distraction-Free Worship

Have you ever been embarrassed during a Sunday worship service? While singing loudly about the gospel have you ever made people turn around and ask you to be quiet? While raising your hand in praise have you ever had someone wave at you from across the room because they thought you were saying “hi”? While sitting with the church choir on stage, have you ever fallen asleep behind a TV preacher and begun sleepy headbobbing so violently that the choir begins laughing and members of the congregation and TV audience talked to you afterwards about getting more sleep on Saturday nights? I’ve experienced all of the above and as embarrassing as those moments were, nothing compares to the shame that comes when I fail to lead my family to love and worship God during the week.
One of the distinctive Biblical truths we teach at Lighthouse is that worship is not a weekly event but a daily lifestyle. So no matter what distracts you during a worship service on Sunday, what really matters is what distracts you from worshiping God during the week. We are always worshiping someone or something, so if we don’t design meaningful, Christ-centered worship times for our families then we will lead our families to worship the same distractions that captivate our hearts during the week.
To help you get started, here are some links to help you design Christ-exalting worship times in your home this week.


Ministry to Children by Tony Kummer (website)

This amazing site is a one stop shop with everything you need to get started in creating formal worship times in your home.

Sovereign Grace Kids on YouTube (playlist)

Here you will find some of the most catchy and Biblical songs to use during family worship. Many kids worship songs today don’t teach children anything about God or his Word (e.g. Father Abraham). That’s what is so great about these songs, they teach and the motions your kids learn from the videos will help them remember the lessons they learn. To download lyrics, chords, piano music, or to purchase the albums go to: {http://www.sovereigngracemusic.org/Albumsand click on the “Kids” tab.
This incredible resource allows you to link arms with Lighthouse’s children’s ministry and walk along side us in the discipleship and evangelism of your children. The app includes all the information covered during the Sunday lessons plus it has games, activities, and songs to help you really reinforce the truths they are studying at church. It’s also now available for android.


“Simplify Family Worship” by Don Whitney

“Family Worship and Its Benefits” by Jason Helopoulos

“The Duties of Parents” by J.C. Ryle

Finally, we must remember that the greatest distractions to our family worship times are not the crazy things the kids do while we’re trying to read the Bible, pray, and sing. The greatest distractions are the ongoing battles against sin and idolatry plaguing our hearts, telling us that worshiping God isn’t a priority, telling us that bedtime and homework are more important, and telling us to wait until it’s more convenient. May God grant our church families the courage to show that worshiping our God is the great purpose of our lives and what brings meaning and joy to our days.
Psalm 34:1 “I will bless the LORD at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.”

tim-stjohnTim St. John serves as an Associate Pastor in Lighthouse’s counseling and children’s ministry. He enjoys brewing quality coffee and pouring lattes for friends, backpacking, running, and enjoying his wife Jee’s cooking. He has come to love Lighthouse’s prayerfulness over the future and the brothers within the church who are always ready to offer exhortation and encouragement.