Tim and Mat in Myanmar: Safe Arrival, Sleep, Several Coffees, and Seminary

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for your prayers. Praise God we arrived safely and made it through the first day. We got to our hotel around 1:30am today (Wednesday), slept from about 2am-7am, then ate breakfast, drank several cups of coffee, and headed off to the seminary (EPTS) for the conference.

Teaching came with certain challenges. Even after much editing and skipping over content, we still weren’t able to cover all the material we planned for the first day. But the Lord enabled us to get through Foundations of Biblical Counseling and The Process of Change in roughly three hours. We are thankful that despite lots of traveling and little sleep, God provided energy so that we could get to know the pastors, teach them, and visit a local church to see what ministry in Myanmar looks like.

There are about 50 pastors at the conference and some are traveling very far. One pastor we spoke with traveled 400miles to come. Several of the pastors have already thanked us and told us how they specifically would be applying what they’re learning in their own lives as well as their ministries.

Jeremy Bustle, who teaches and does administration for the seminary, is also very excited for the future of Biblical Counseling. He said they’re planning on using the notes from this conference to teach a class on biblical counseling the next school year.

We’ve had several exciting conversations with Adam about the future of Biblical Counseling and CHF, but momentum is really picking up to do biblical counselor training with CHF in other countries as well.

Tomorrow we’re teaching on Process of Counseling and Counseling Suffering. Please pray that we would be an encouragement to these pastors and that what we share would be useful to their daily ministries. Thank you again so much for your prayers!

In Christ,
Tim and Mat