Tim and Mat in Myanmar: Mingalaba

“Mingalaba”(Burmese for Hello),

I can’t believe another day has come and gone and tomorrow is the last day of our conference.

Today we started off by giving out fifty copies of the book, The Pastor and Counseling by Deepak Reju and Jeremy Pierre. The pastors were very thankful for this resources because ministry books are difficult for most of the pastors to get.

Throughout the biblical counselor training today, the pastors were opening up and sharing about many of the difficult counseling situations they are facing in their churches. While it was sad to hear about the sufferings and struggles in the churches, it was a blessing to think and pray with these pastors about the specific ways they could minister to the hearts of those who are hurting.

After the training time with the pastors, we got to visit two different Buddhist homes that receive foodpacks through CHF. Pastor Chit Ko Ko has been attending the conference and is the one who delivers the food to these two families.

He told us that the first family we visited had put all their hope in their oldest son getting a good education and a good job to help them get out of poverty. But recently their oldest son stopped school to get married and so they have lost all their hope of a better life. But he told us that this biblical counseling conference has given him ideas for addressing the false hope the parents had put in their son and how hope in Christ is the only true hope we have.

As we visited, Mat and I got to talk with the families through an interpreter and share the gospel through prayer times with them.

Tomorrow we have just two and half more hours of teaching and then we get to visit the “Fed Well” factory to see where some of the food for the CHF FoodPaks are made.

In Christ,

Tim and Mat