The Radical Book For Kids Study

This summer, our children’s ministry, Lighthouse Kids, held a weekly book study on “The Radical Book for Kids.” Our recent fifth grade grad, Evelyn Carlson, graciously agreed to write about the book study to share about her experience! Even more special, the questions were provided by her younger siblings!


What is The Radical Book? 

The Radical Book, is a fun book that we used in a Lighthouse kids’ Bible study this summer. The actual title is, The Radical Book for Kids, and it is a book about Bible church history and life for children. It has won a Christian book award and teaches little life lessons.

What kind of fun things did you do in the Bible study?

During the The Radical Book kids Bible study we got to do a few icebreakers before we started the Zoom lesson/sermon and we did some fun games after it finished! Other fun things were the games that Aunties and Uncles put together on slides and PowerPoints.

What did you learn about?

Each week we got to learn about different things related to each of the chapters in the book! For example, one week we learned about people who gave their lives for Christ and another time we learned how [the Gospel impacts our] Eternal lives and Everyday lives.

I noticed there is a chapter in the book called, “Hard Work? No Sweat!” I also saw a picture of a garbage truck on the page and a kid chasing it. That looks funny! What did you learn about in this chapter?

That chapter was funny! It was about a boy who does not like to work. Together, we went through the chapter and learned how to enjoy work! We learned about how God is a worker, God is a designer, and how God is a Boss. We also learned how to remember to work hard out of love for the Lord!

What is the most memorable thing you learned in the Bible study?

I think I liked learning how [the Gospel impacts our] Everyday lives and Eternal lives. That was a fun lesson and the teacher, Auntie Mel, did a wonderful job.

Would you recommend this study for other kids and if so why?

Yes, I highly recommend this study! The Radical Book Study was so fun to do and it was an amazing book. The lessons were wonderful and everything was so great. Thank you to all the great Aunties and Uncles that created all the slides and the lessons.