Sunday Fuel: July 9, 2023

Welcome to Sunday Fuel! This series of questions is designed to assist your personal reflection and fellowship with others about the sermon from this past Sunday. Look forward to receiving this resource every Tuesday in the Lighthouse Weekly! Click on the image above to view our Sunday Fuel.

  1. Before Sunday’s sermon, what did you think about spiritual warfare? On a scale of 1-10, 1 being “I mostly ignore it” and 10 being “I see spiritual warfare everywhere”, where would you rank yourself? How do you want to grow in this area?
  2. As we heard from Pastor Kim, spiritual warfare is a constant battle of deception which means Satan wants us to be unaware. We can even turn from God while thinking we are doing something good. What subtle deceptions tend to hold sway over the devotion and worship of your heart? (e.g. “I’ll think about God later, life is too busy”; “if I don’t take care of this, it won’t get done”; “I need to focus on my kids in this season of life”)
  3. The question “is this demonic?” should be changed to “how might my heart be tempted to turn from Christ in this?” Satan can use both health and sickness, riches and poverty, good and bad, to move our hearts away from devotion and worship to Christ. That is the goal of all demonic activity. In light of this, ask yourself, “In what situations is my heart most vulnerable?”
  4. One of the powerful lies of the enemy is that we are all alone as we face spiritual warfare, but God has given us his Holy Spirit to dwell within us, the Word of God to equip us with the truth, and the body of Christ to help us see the struggles in our hearts that we are blind to. Who here at Lighthouse helps you? Who knows the battlefields of spiritual warfare in your life, prays for you, and checks in on you regularly?