Sunday Fuel: January 22, 2023

Welcome to Sunday Fuel. This series of questions is designed to assist your personal reflection and fellowship with others about the sermon from this past Sunday.
  1. As you reflect on the sermon, before jumping into all you will do, look to God’s faithfulness to use his Word in your life in the past. How have you experienced the grace of meditation guiding you toward Christ in the midst of trials and temptations? The great goal in all our meditation is not merely to overcome temptation or endure trials, but to more fully trust, love, and worship our great God. So take a few minutes to reflect on how God has used meditation on his word in significant ways in your life and share those moments with someone.
  2. Pastor Kim said, “Meditation allows us to connect truth to everyday life and then go to that truth in everyday life. What we meditate on will clear a path for our heart to move toward what is important to us.” Take a moment and do an inventory on where you regularly set your attention and affection. When can you proactively meditate on God’s truth to prepare your heart to move toward him?
  3. Reflect on the testimony that was shared about the brother who dealt with fear because of a car accident and how he struggled to teach his daughter to drive. What did you notice about how Christ-centered meditation slowly freed him from fear?
  4. Meditation is not just a proactive exercise that draws us near to God, but something we must practice reactively when we face trials and temptations. In light of the temptations you face, what truths can you react with?
  5. One of the greatest challenges in life is bringing truth to our minds when our hearts are tempted. How might you make reactive meditation more accessible in the heat of the moment? Is there a key word or phrase that helps you access truth (e.g. A key phrase Pastor Kim used to access truth was, “my worst days can be my best days”(Acts 2:23-24) or “this situation is ’to keep me from becoming” (2Cor 12:7))? Is there a notecard you’ve written that you can review?
  6. Following the template of Notecards 2.0, what Fact (verse/passage), Focus (key truth to focus on), and Fuel (memorable, meaningful summary to meditate on) should you write down this week to help you grow to love God and to equip you for moments of temptation? (Example from Sunday – Fact – 2 Corinthians 12:7; Focus – God will use trials (thorns) to keep us from becoming what we must not become; Fuel – Lord this (trial, suffering, difficulty) is you keeping me from becoming.)