Sunday Fuel: August 6, 2023

Welcome to Sunday Fuel! This series of questions is designed to assist your personal reflection and fellowship with others about the sermon from this past Sunday.

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  1. Pastor Kim said on Sunday, “Our true need is grace, not better circumstances.” What are the “better circumstances” that can become the focus of your hope?
  2. To help apply the truth of the message from Sunday, consider one specific difficulty you are facing, how are you currently addressing it? (e.g. hoping it resolves on its own, hoping someone else steps up and takes care of it, hoping in your abilities to solve it, or prayerfully bringing the difficulty to God and depending on his grace for wisdom and strength to pursue his glory and reflect his character.)
  3. As you consider the cultural trends that directly oppose a biblical worldview, how does your heart respond? Is there temptation toward fear, toward sinful anger, or a temptation to compromise your convictions? What does hope look like when you are faced with opposition for your faith?
  4. Reflect on the ways that hoping in things other than God has drawn your heart away from God. Are there any areas of misplaced hope that the Spirit revealed this past Sunday that you need to take time to repent over?
  5. 1Pet 5:9 reminds us that the same types of sufferings and difficulties we face personally are “being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world.” Consider one or two people you know who have faced suffering and are an example of hope in our church. If you are not sure, take a moment and listen to some of the testimonies of God’s grace in the midst of trouble from our biblical counseling stories: Stories of Grace. What can you learn from the hope of those in our church who have faced trouble and depended on God’s grace?