Sunday Fuel: April 28, 2024

Welcome to Sunday Fuel! This series of questions is designed to assist your personal reflection and fellowship with others about the sermon from this past Sunday.

Go to This Sunday’s Sermon. Testimonies: Ted and Angie Kim (at 15:45), Seichi and Ruthanne Kamimura (at 25:20) and Shawn Matsumoto (at 38:13).

This week’s Sunday fuel is designed to move us from reflecting on Scripture, to remembrance, and then to responding to God’s love in worship and service.

Reflecting on Scripture

Pastor Kim highlighted two ways our lives today parallel the lives of the Israelites in Deuteronomy 6: we walk through a land full of idols that distract us from loving God wholeheartedly (vv. 4-9) and we tend to forget the goodness of God when times are good (vv. 10-13).

  • What idols might distract you from loving God? Take a moment to acknowledge them in confession before God and recommit to a wholehearted love for Him. 
  • Though we may not experience slavery literally, take some time to remember how God has rescued you from the slavery to sin through Christ. If you have time, review the recent sermons and consider the many gospel benefits you have received through Christ. Let this truth fuel and move you closer to God in love. 

Remembering God’s Kindness

Take some time to remember how God has been good to you, whether through Lighthouse or not. The three sets of testimonies highlight many to jumpstart your own recollections. How might these spur you to expand your awareness of God’s kindness to you? Pick a few to consider:


  • Your growth in Christ: How has God opened your eyes to see your need for change? Have you considered your desire to become more like Christ a gift as well? How has He been at work already? What small steps has He helped you take along the journey, even if you aren’t “finished” yet? 
  • God’s Word: What portion of Scripture has impacted your heart recently? What has God been teaching you through the various sermons and messages you hear each week? Has there been a truth or statement that has helped you through temptation, trial, loneliness, suffering, or other difficulty? 
  • Everyday help and support: How has God helped you in the ordinary, everyday struggles and challenges in your life? 
  • Suffering: How has God ministered to you in your sufferings? Who are some people he has brought alongside you when you were going through your painful seasons? What are some truths about Him that have become even more precious to you as you have experienced them firsthand in your hardest and lowest times? How has the gospel helped you to reinterpret your suffering in a different light?  If suffering physical limitations, how has God ministered to you in this season of forced rest? 


  • Significant friendships: Who are some people God has brought into your life through your time here at Lighthouse (accountability partners, small groups, people who share your stage of life, etc.) that have spurred you onward in Christ, kept you accountable, comforted you, spoken truth in times of need, etc.? How have they encouraged you to love, trust and follow Him more closely? How have they borne your burdens through listening, praying, and sharing truth with you?
  • Family: If you are married, how has God grown you in character through your spouse?  Your children? How has God used them to sharpen you? 
  • Leadership: Consider the elders and pastoral staff that you interact with regularly. How have their lives and ministry encouraged you and served as an example or testimony of God’s goodness? How has God used them to sharpen and shape you in the image of Christ? 
  • The church in action: How have you been blessed by seeing the church acting like the church, in love, service, sacrifice, support, help, encouragement, etc.?

Service and Ministry

  • Opportunities to serve: In what ways has serving been a grace of God to you? How has God affirmed your contribution, blessed others through you, or reoriented your heart through your time serving others? 
  • Competence: What are ways God has sharpened your skills through service? How have you grown in your spiritual gifts and competence through serving? 

Reflecting God’s Goodness to Others

In addition to loving God, the second greatest commandment is to love one another (Matt. 22:37-40). How might your love for God be expressed in tangible ways this week to other members of the body of Christ here at Lighthouse? To your family? To those around you? 

  • If you feel like an outsider looking in, what is one act of faith you can take to extend a hand of fellowship? Text a word of encouragement to someone in your small group. Consider highlighting something that ministered or challenged you in a sermon or message and sharing it with that elder or pastor. Listen for needs, spoken or unspoken, that you can help meet. 
  • If you are suffering and needing help, take a step of faith and share your burdens with someone in your small group or friendship circle.  
  • If you are in a season of physical weakness due to illness or reduced capacity, what are ways God might be able to use you to serve through prayer, conversation, or texts?

Responding and Growing in Grace

  • So many facets of God’s grace were highlighted throughout this message: His grace, kindness, steadfast love, faithfulness. He equips, provides support through our lowest times through friends and godly leadership. He draws near when we ask hard questions and gives us hope in Christ. Take a moment to praise God for these and/or other ways He has ministered to you.
  • As Pastor Kim pointed out, living in this world makes us prone to spiritual amnesia. What are some ways you can create practices to remember on a consistent basis? Are there other times of day or events in the year, like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, where you can pause to look back and remember God’s kindness to you? Use this list to help you refresh your memory.